Personality & Philosophy

What is your opinion regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

An educated consumer is the best client! Educated clients become part of their own legal team, and can help assure a smooth process from beginning to end.

Are you willing to review documents prepared by clients?

We are willing to review filings.

Are you willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Within the bounds of legal ethics, we are willing to do so.

Why did you decide to be a lawyer?

My father grew up poor during the Great Depression. He was able to become an attorney, and enjoyed helping people. He instilled in me this desire to help the struggling. This is the most fulfilling aspect of practicing law.

What work experience and education helps you be a better lawyer?

There are several elements in my life that have enhanced my ability as an attorney. The first is having been raised by parents who were not aristocrats. They were both children of the Great Depression, and they taught me that there is no one better than anyone else. The result is that I am an attorney who is just an average guy, who has been fortunate enough to get a law degree. I am not an aristocrat who has trouble connecting with the average person.

The second great life event that has had an impact on my ability to practice law is my 23-year career in the United States Air Force. I served as a pilot and an officer, and served in several wars. There is nothing that can impress upon you what’s truly important in life like going to war. And the camaraderie of the Air Force taught me trust, fairness, a deep appreciation for our rights as Americans, and a sense of giving to the community.

Why did you decide on your primary area of practice?

I have tried to use my skills as a litigator and an advocate to maximize my usefulness to those who are in need. The legal system is unnecessarily complicated. I try to cut through the confusion and red tape to get my clients through the process with a minimum of aggravation and confusion.

What do you like best about your career?

Nothing will ever equal the great feeling of helping those in need. Often, we are the last resort to straighten out the troubles of our clients. Many of them remain friends for years after their legal matters are over.
Tell us about your law firm:

I am blessed with very friendly and wonderful staff members, who are more like family than employees. Most importantly, they love what they do, and they all care about our clients.

Cathy Cooksey is my office manager and paralegal. She has been an office manager for eight years now.  John Howard, who has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland, is my paralegal in charge of bankruptcy matters.

What are your strengths and style?

The strengths of this firm are friendly, personal service. We know that people are going through a hard time, and we are very considerate and accommodating, while ensuring that the clients’ needs are met.

Personal Interests:

I enjoy flying, boating, jet-skiing, farming, and studying U.S. history. I am honored to have a wife with whom I am deeply in love. She is Donna (Hughes) Wolfgang. She is a CPA for the US House of Representatives, and a graduate of Texas Tech University.