For a normal “full service” chapter 7 bankruptcy, our fee is $2,000.00, which does not include filing fees and fees due for credit reports, counseling, and other required services not performed by our office. Our fee also does not include court fees. Chapter 13 cases are much more variable, but an average fee would be $2,000 to $3,500.

Hourly Rates

$300 per hour for attorney time; $150 per hour for paralegal time. Hourly fees are not normally part of a bankruptcy case, but are used in other matters.

Free Initial Consultation?

For some matters, such as Bankruptcy, we have a free initial consultation. For other matters, call or e-mail to discuss.

Typical Retainer

For a general case, aretainer will be quoted at the first consultation. It will be based upon the scope of work for the case.

Bankrutpcy: Chapter 7 must be paid in advance of filing. Chapter 13 would be $2,000 paid in advance, the balance paid by the trustee.

Understanding Fees